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Fjordson watches featured by PETA and LIVEKINDLY
PETA - Best Vegan Watch Brand - PETA Menswear Awards

The PETA Menswear Fashion Awards celebrate the biggest moments, greatest innovations, and standout brands that made 2018 a kinder year for animals and the environment. We were very happy as cruelty-free watch brand, that Fjordson received the recognition and award of PETA for "Best Vegan Watches", by referring to our 91' collection with vegan leather watch straps. 

7 Vegan Wrist Watches for that Timeless Holiday Gift

Our Women's Fjordson watch from the '91 collection was featured as one of the seven beautifully crafted watches with vegan straps, to help you give the gift of time and compassion. 


Fjordson watches featured in Luxiders Magazine and The Goodness Project
- Menswear Fashion Awards

Another press article about the Menswear Fashion Awards. Stating our proud win of the Best Vegan Watches award.

The Goodness Project
- 8 Vegan Gift Ideas for Him

Finding the perfect gift for your vegan dad, husband or friend can be quite a hunt. Of course, you want to get him something that’s thoughtful, useful, and just something better than a Lynx Box set. We made it with our gorgeous (if we say it ourselves) white dial Fjordson watches, strapped with the sporty Nato watch straps. Did you know you also have this in matching pairs? For the smaller wrists.


Fjordson watches featured by The Vegan Society and Fashion Beans

The Vegan Society - Vegan Gift Guide

Written to give you a helping hand with a wide range of vegan gift ideas! Whether you want to show your non-vegan loved ones just how easy it is to shop and live vegan, or you’re shopping for the vegans in your life. Our Slim watch collection was featured, with its rose gold finish, black dial and nicely matching vegan leather watch strap. For him or her? It's your choice. 37mm is the perfect unisex watch size, for everyone. 

Fashion Beans - 
The Best Vegan Fashion Brands for Men

“There’s no doubt that a vegan fashion revolution is underway,” says PETA director Elisa Allen. “The climate crisis has compelled many people to think about the impact that our buying choices have on the planet and the animals who live on it.” Fjordson Watches was recognized as one of the best vegan fashion brands for men, with our watches from our '91 collection. White dials, all day. Switch it up with vegan leather and Nato watch straps/ 


Green Queen
 - The Ultimate Plant-Based Watch Guide – Our 20 Picks For Vegan Friendly Time

Living a vegan lifestyle is getting easier day by day as consumers are getting more environmentally conscious, which further motivates brands and makers to create more eco-friendly products. Watches have been a space without much innovation on the planet-forward side in the past, but all that has changed as a new generation of watchmakers rises up with options for us animal-loving and anti-plastic folk. Fjordson Watches was picked as one of twenty best plant-based watches on the market. They featured our unisex watch collection, each fitted with a high-quality vegan watch strap.

Ethical Elephant -
List of Vegan Watch Brands: Timepieces without the Cruelty

Fjordson was featured as one of eight vegan-friendly watchmakers, that have created some of the most stylish yet functional timepieces using a variety of vegan materials! Read her blog to discover a round-up of the very best, sleek vegan watches for men and women, all made without harming any animals!


The Vegan word - Vegan Watches: From Soar to Cork, the 12 Vegan Watch Brands to Watch

Watches are not just practical timekeeping devices, but also a way to add a finishing touch to your outfit – but what about vegan watches? Fjordson was featured as one of twelve Vegan Watch Brands to watch. Featuring our Slim collection with black dial, completely without the cruelty. 

The Case Farm - Vegan Watch Brands to Look Out For

Veganism has taken the world by storm and the popularity of this lifestyle choice shows no signs of falling through any time soon. Over the years, there have been so many advancements for the vegan community. However, it’s not just the major food outlets that are providing a diverse range of choices for vegans – various modern-day watch brands are also stepping up and joining in with this trend! Fjordson Watches was featured as one of the vegan watch options available to consumers in 2020.



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