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Changing your watch strap under 2 minutes ✔

April 13, 2021

Making it easy, to change a watch strap ✔

All you need to do to change your watch strap is:

  1. find a flat surface where you can work on
  2. put a cloth on the surface to avoid scratches
  3. locate the quick-release lever on the backside of your watch
  4. slide the lever all the way to the left.
  5. slowly pull out the strap from the lug corner
  6. remove the strap from the other lug corner

That's all it takes! Now you should be having the watch strap in your hands, and you're all good to go to give it a good cleaning.

Installing your (new) watch strap

To install your watch strap back on your watch, you start by fitting the springbar-end to the hole on the left lug. After it popped in the hole, you slide the springbar-lever again to the left, so that you're able to fit the other end of the springbar. If it's fitted correctly, it should give a little click. To make sure it's fitted correctly just give your watch strap a little wiggle, so that you can feel the springbar is fixed in place.

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