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3 reasons why we are a vegan brand 🌱 | Fjordson

3 reasons why we are a cruelty-free watch brand 🌱

April 13, 2021

1. Animals are our friends

Each year the global leather industry slaughters more than a billion animals, according to Peta. There's a common misperception that leather is just a by-product of meat production. The leather business is a moneymaking business that strives for maximum profits and leather is in lots of cases more profitable than animal meat.

Take for example the ostrich industry in South-Africa. According to The Guardian, the skin of the ostriches accounts for 80% of the value and their meat is sold as a by-product. Leather is not just a by-product, but a co-product of the meat industry.

On top of that, even if the stamp in leather bands say "Made in Italy" of "Made in the USA", chances are high that the raw materials come from China or India. In both countries animal-rights protection laws are rarely enforced, resulting in very poor living conditions.

2. People are our friends

The proces of turning skin into leather uses dangerous chemicals. This includes mineral salts, formaldehyde, and coal-tar derivatives. Without this processes the leather would rot.

Studies have found that leather-tannery workers in Sweden and Italy have between 20% and 50% more cancer risk than expected, according to Peta.

3. It's time to act

Mahatma Gandhi once said 'Be the change that you wish to see in the world.' Since there are plenty of alternatives to leather, we've opted to work with other qualitative materials. Our nato watch straps are made out of high-quality nylon. Due to popular demand, we've also added a eco-leather option. These straps are made of premium synthetic materials. All our straps are designed for increased comfort, durability and flexibility.

Fjordson is officially a PETA-Approved cruelty-free watch brand. You can find a complete list of cruelty free PETA-Approved brands on this page.

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